How Can I Help?

You can help cut Federal Deficit spending and preserve a better future for our children and grand children in these ways: 

1.  Learn more about why and how we got in this crisis.  Watch I.O.U.S.A.,

2.  Voice your opinion.  Go to advocacy page to send email or a letter,  or even send Big Red Calculator to your elected Senator, Congress Man or Woman or President.  The lookup function makes it easy to find email and office addresses.

3.  Track the spending by watching our Big Red Debt Clock and reviewing the (CBO) Congressional Budget Office monthly review at

5.  Join an organization that is fighting to reduce Federal Deficit spending.  Here are just  a few examples:

The Peter G. Peterson Foundation

Employment Policies Institute

The Free Enterprise Nation

The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget

The Concord Coalition

National Academy of Social Insurance

Public Agenda

The Tax Policy Center

The Urban Institute 

6. View other useful websites:

Most complete website of news and links