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Big Red is not just a calculator: It’s a statement – a fun and easy way to make a serious point. We know your organization and its members are very concerned about the nation’s debt, and we’d like to partner with you to help make a statement to our elected leaders in Washington – we see our giant debt, and we want something done about it! 

The more people see Big Red and talk about the national debt, the more likely this issue will get attention in Washington.  Big Red Calculator is getting the media's attention and now you can do your part to spread the word.   Big Red Calculator is great for:

  • Fundraising for your organization (you’d buy at wholesale, sell and keep the profit)
  • Recognizing your best volunteers
  • Rewarding your best supporters
  • Providing incentives for financial contributors
  • Raising attention for your organization and increase membership

And because this is the perfect stocking stuffer statement for the season, we envision thousands of Americans sending Big Red as a sit-up-and-take-notice-statement to President Obama, Secretary Geithner, Director Orszag, Chairman Bernanke and their members of Congress, both Democrats and Republicans. And your members will want to give Big Red – including information about your organization – as a gift to friends and family members who haven’t really thought about the national debt.

Big Red Calculator - The Official Calculator of the National Debt

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