What are People saying about the Big Red Calculator?

John B. Algee - Buckhann, West Virginia  "I heard about your product on Fox & Friends.  I immediately went on line and ordered a calculator for myself, the President, Vice President, my two US Senators, and US Representative.  I am very satisfied.  Not only is it a great political statement, but it is an outstanding calculator."

Dennis Hamilton - Stockton, Illinois  "I am very satisfied with my calculator. Ordered one for my son as well.  I also like the Debt Clock. It reminds me daily of how ticked off I am at where the Government is taking this country.  I heard about you from a talk show in Ft Collins, Co."

Dick Kendall - Appleton, Wisconsin  "I have purchased ten Big Red calculators as gifts for speakers who will be addressing my trade association membership next month in Milwaukee. The perfect gift for your state and federal legislators who will be addressing the current financial woes facing our country.....consider the many people who need this, Teachers, your boss, your financial advisor, your spouse, your mortgage banker, your mayor and local officials. This is the perfect Christmas gift."

Kay Brooks - Albuquerque, New Mexico "I love this calculator! It works like a desk calculator, so I can set the decimal places and even put it in add mode so it automatically adds two decimal places. It has markup and memory, too. You can set your tax rate and it will calculate the tax and add it to the total. I hope 16 decimal places is enough to show the future national debt, though."

Gregory C. Steiner - Appleton, Wisconsin  "Don't let the novelty packaging fool you. This is a full-featured calculator with added features that set it above a run-of-the-mill unit. The display is large - 16 digits, keys are sized and spaced for easy use, even for those with large fingers. There is a 'call back' feature that lets you review a long series of calculations. This is especially useful when balancing your checkbook to find that 10-cent error."