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I’m a business man focusing on commercial real estate in Western Colorado. When I was looking around my house recently to find a calculator that could calculate the national debt, I realized that all the calculators I had ever used had become obsolete.  The national debt and the projected deficit – trillions of dollars – has become so big that we can’t compute it on any regular calculator any more.

It concerned me when I realized that I – and basically everyone else in the country outside Washington – had never laid eyes on a number this large. Every set of numerals we had ever seen and worked with was smaller, by a large margin.  We hear people talking about deficit spending and the national debt – the amount our children will owe if we don’t do something about it – and it seems scary but somewhat distant. But when you actually look at the numbers and realize just how big it is.

That’s how I got the idea for Big Red – The Official Calculator of the National Debt.  It’s a great calculator with lots of very useful features, including the ability to calculate the national debt and add the amount it grows each day (more than $2 billion daily). You can even calculate fractions up to 16 decimal points. 

But it makes a much bigger point. It helps us realize what we’ve created in deficit spending and how it effects our national debt, it sobers us up to think about what we must do to shrink the debt, and it gives us all an opportunity to share this thinking with others.

We all have a responsibility to do something about how the uncontrolled spending in Washington has a lasting effect on us and how the national debt continues to grow, each and every day.  I’ve gone so far as to create this calculator to help others get the point. I hope you will share this with others. You can make Big Red the perfect stocking stuffer statement of the season by giving one to fellow deficit hawks – so they become even more aware of our deficit spending and  how much the United States actually owes – or to someone who loves to spend but has no real idea how much it’s costing our children.

Or maybe you can help us fill up the stockings of our elected leaders and others who are responsible for getting us to this point, because they are in the best place to do something about it. Help them realize just how many people are concerned about the deficit by joining other Americans in sending them a statement this year – the stocking stuffer statement of the season.

 Matt Miles

Columbia Technologies, LLC

BigRedCalculator.com is owned and operated by Columbia Technologies, LLC, a small business started by Matt Miles.  Columbia Technologies, LLC Corporate office is located in Montrose, CO with sales and service located in Appleton, WI. Big Red Logo is a trademark of Columbia Technologies, LLC. For customer service, sales or marketing inquiries, please contact info@bigredcalculator.com For media contacts go to our media page.